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Shop at OpenInspiration for Rolling Bar and Drink Carts for Sale

We are proud to offer a beautiful selection of drink carts for sale. As a leader in the industry, our team understands the great attributes of a drink cart … … read more.

Crystal Decanter and Beautiful Champagne and Wine Glasses for Sale in NZ

A crystal decanter and glasses to match, look beautiful, elegant and classy. They have a sophisticated and vintage look which, along with crystal champagne glasses, also function to give a pleasant experience when being used. At … … read more.

Functional Drinks Trolley for Sale in NZ

A drinks trolley is versatile and practical for more than just storing drinks and glasses. Our unique drinks trolley for sale will be a statement piece of furniture in your home, be functional for several purposes and you could … … read more.

Where to Look When You’d Like to Purchase a Wooden Indoor Flower Stand for Sale

Flowers are a classic way to add beauty to a space, but a vase on its own can look lonely. Placed on a stand, though, flowers don’t fade into the background. Instead, they take centre stage in your home. At OpenInspiration … … read more.

Are You Trying to Choose Among Furniture Stores in Palmerston North? Visit OpenInspiration Shops to Find Furniture That Speaks to You

The way a person decorates their home can say a lot about their personality. Do you find that you often can’t locate furniture shops in Palmerston North that offer the type of furniture that speaks to your sense of style? At our … … read more.

Buy Unique Wine Decanters and a Glass Set Online to Improve Your Ability to Entertain

Wine or spirits can be the perfect accompaniment to a meal, whether you’re enjoying it indoors with your significant other or dining alfresco with a group of your friends. With a glass decanter, you can bring some flair to the … … read more.

Find Elegant Wine and Display Cabinets with Lights for Sale in NZ

Glass display cabinets fit a unique niche in room decor. For homes, they are elegant ways to safely show expensive china or collectables in a way that accents a room without overtaking it. Stores can use them to command attention … … read more.

Find Your New Glass Display Case with Lights for Sale at OpenInspiration

Glass display cabinets are attractive, sophisticated, and look terrific in many different homes and décor styles. You can use these cases to display your valuable or otherwise special belongings in a beautiful and organised way. The … … read more.

Where to Buy a Kitchen Trolley for Sale Online in NZ

When it comes to remodelling kitchens, more and more homeowners are choosing one great design trend that’s both beautiful and functional: the kitchen trolley. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you can find a trolley to … … read more.

For a High-Quality Marble Coffee Table, Come to OpenInspiration

OpenInspiration offers unique designs at an affordable price so you can bring high-class marble into your home without breaking the bank. Experience our artistically-created luxury furniture … … read more.

A Stylish, High-Quality Marble Dining Table is Waiting for You at OpenInspiration

Marble is an elegant and classic material that homeowners have chosen for years to add a subtle sense of beauty to their surroundings. At OpenInspiration, we give you the opportunity to add a marble dining table to … … read more.

Get a Fashionable Small Marble Table Set in NZ from OpenInspiration

Are you interested in buying a marble table in NZ for your home? Visit OpenInspiration to get your uniquely-designed marble table today. Our clients love our friendly staff and wide selection of furniture, including marble … … read more.

Factors to Consider When You Buy a Modern Round Coffee Table for Your NZ Home

At OpenInspiration, we provide you with round coffee tables for sale that you won’t find anywhere else in New Zealand. With us, your modern round table will be uniquely designed to be durable and add a modern flair to your home. You’ll … … read more.

Tips For Buying A Round Marble Top Dining Table in New Zealand

Marble dining tables are a trend (at least in part) because of their sturdiness and timeless beauty. Marble is safe to cut on, can withstand hot dishes being put on it without damage, and is very easy to clean. No wonder … … read more.

Buy Excellent Round Marble Table Tops for Sale by OpenInspiration

Whether you are looking to add furniture to your house or your office, few pieces add a greater sense of class and quality than round marble tables. These are distinct pieces of furniture that are sturdy as centrepieces without … … read more.

Purchase Your Next White Round Dining Table or Marble Top Coffee Table at OpenInspiration

If you are looking for an elegant addition to your living room, why not consider a white marble coffee table? Our selection of furniture is fashionable yet affordable … … read more.

What to Do with Crystal Wine Decanter Sets from OpenInspiration

At OpenInspiration, we provide beautiful items that are unique to our company. Our crystal wine decanter set options are incredible if you want a classic accent for your home or even something more modern … … read more.

Add Some Luxury to your Home with a Large Marble Table Top

Marble is a timeless classic that adds a luxurious touch to any dining room. Round, square or rectangular – marble for dining brings a touch of class and beauty to the room. OpenInspiration has a beautiful selection of marble top … … read more.

Marble Top Coffee Table for Sale Adds Class to Any Living Room

Retrofitting your entire home with marble is a costly solution for adding elegance to your home. Adding one piece of furniture can produce the dramatic flair you hope to achieve. OpenInspiration has a variety of unique pieces in … … read more.