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Crystal Decanter and Beautiful Champagne and Wine Glasses for Sale in NZ

about openinspiration

Taste the difference with crystal wine glasses.

A crystal decanter and glasses to match, look beautiful, elegant and classy. They have a sophisticated and vintage look which, along with crystal champagne glasses, also function to give a pleasant experience when being used. At OpenInspiration, we have stylish crystal wine glasses for sale that make an ideal luxury gift for any occasion.

Benefits of Crystal Wine Glasses

The elegance associated with crystal wine glasses is one reason that makes them attractive. They also provide practical benefits including:

  • A Thin Rim: Crystal has the advantage of being spun thin yet, remain strong. This is useful for wine glasses, as a smooth and thin rim means that drink flow is not interrupted on the way to your lips. This makes for a more enjoyable experience and allows you to get the full effect of the wine flavours.
  • Reduce Heat Transference: Crystal white wine glasses are designed to keep your wine cool and crisp by reducing air circulation and heat transference. For a perfect design, the opening of a white wine glass should be a fraction larger than the glass itself.
  • Exposure to Air: The design of a red wine glass complements the bold and aromatic flavours of sparkling and still red wines. The wider opening and cup allow the complex flavour of the wine to be exposed to more air. Lead crystal wine glasses also have non-visible bumps to help with aeration of the wine as you swirl it around the glass.


Tips for Getting More Value Out of Crystal Wine Glasses

Crystal wine glasses are precious. Consider these tips for getting more value out of your glasses and ensuring they last.

  • Handwash: Crystal wine glasses are porous and should be washed by hand rather than in the dishwasher. Although some lead-free crystal wine glasses are dishwasher safe, hand washing reduces the chances of glasses breaking on dishwasher racks. Be careful not to bump the glasses against the tap or the side of the sink as they may break.
  • Dry Immediately: Leaving a crystal wine glass to air-dry can cause streaks and marks to remain on the glass. Drying and polishing your glasses immediately removes these streaks for a clean and clear finish. This also decreases the likelihood of the glasses being bumped or falling off the bench and breaking. The stem should also not be rotated counter to the cup when polishing.
  • Avoid Rapid Temperature Changes: Crystal can break easily when subject to rapid temperature changes. You should avoid putting them in the fridge or freezer or having ice cold drinks poured into a warm glass. When washing the glasses rinse them in warm water and not cold to prevent breakage.


Why Customer Should Buy from OpenInspiration

Our excellent customer service and friendly staff make for an enjoyable experience when shopping our unique products. We provide new and high-quality items, such as crystal wine glasses, to NZ customers at affordable prices. Contact us today to get the perfect gift set for you or a friend.

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