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Functional Drinks Trolley for Sale in NZ

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A drinks trolley is functional and multi-purpose.

A drinks trolley is versatile and practical for more than just storing drinks and glasses. Our unique drinks trolley for sale will be a statement piece of furniture in your home, be functional for several purposes and you could easily move it from one room to another. At OpenInspiration, we source drinks trolleys for NZ customers that are unique and not found anywhere else.

Benefits of a Drinks Trolley

A drinks trolley can be a work of art and offer functional flexibility. They are also beneficial to a variety of spaces for the following reasons.

  • Immediate Assistance: A drinks trolley makes entertaining easy by functioning as a moveable beverage cart or a serving stand for meals. Whether pre-loaded or stacked on the day, a drinks trolley will hold the supplies needed for entertaining without having to make several trips to another room. It will also work as a side table in dining and living rooms or as a beverage holder in master bedroom suites.
  • Added Storage or Work Space: A drinks trolley in an office will provide extra space when the need occurs. It will hold the overflow from a large project when pulled up to the side of the desk or function as a temporary activity area. It will also provide another food preparation surface for the kitchen.
  • Transform a Space: You can also transform outdoor spaces, such as balconies or decks, that look bleak or lack furniture with a drinks trolley. Decorative potted herbs and plants look delightful sitting on a cart and can add patches of greenery to an area. Trolleys also serve the purpose of holding food platters and drinks when entertaining guests outdoors.


Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Drinks Trolley

Drinks trolleys for sale in NZ come in many sizes and styles, and it is essential to find the right one that will suit your lifestyle. Consider these tips to get more value and use out of your drinks trolley.

  • Placement: Be sure to place your drinks trolley away from the direct flow of traffic in your home or office. Keeping it to the edge of a room will prevent people bumping into it and minimise damage to goods on the trolley. The wheels make it easy to bring out when drink refills are needed and placed out of the way after.
  • Size: Consider if a trolley for sale is the right size to offer you double-duty functionality. A small drinks trolley may not be practical for holding the number of glasses, bottles and accessories to fully cater to a group while entertaining yet may be ideal for drinks as a couple.
  • Seasonal Use: A drinks trolley can be a decorative piece in your home that you can change up with the seasons. You can incorporate Christmas, Easter, anniversaries and various celebrations into the decor of the trolley and use it as a feature in your home. It is also an ideal way to attract people to the drinks during a gathering.


Why Customer Should Use OpenInspiration

At OpenInspiration, we source quality wood products with unique designs. These are original to our NZ store and are for sale at affordable prices. Contact us today and talk to our friendly staff about our products.

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