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About Us

Are You Trying to Choose Among Furniture Stores in Palmerston North? Visit OpenInspiration Shops to Find Furniture That Speaks to You

about openinspiration

OpenInspiration offers unique furniture for Palmerston North homes.

The way a person decorates their home can say a lot about their personality. Do you find that you often can’t locate furniture shops in Palmerston North that offer the type of furniture that speaks to your sense of style? At our store, we’ve taken the time to find some incredible offerings from around the world that we think others will love to see, too.

The Benefits of Shopping for Furniture in Palmerston North at OpenInspiration

You have many options when it comes to choosing among furniture stores, it’s true. What makes OpenInspiration stand out from the crowd? We think there are a few things that set us apart and make our wares worth your consideration. Our shop offers you:

  • Special designs and materials that blend to create an attractive aesthetic. One of our core focuses is on offering all-wood furniture that showcases not only beautiful grain, but also the natural growth patterns of the actual tree itself.
  • An extensive range of furniture choices suitable for many uses. From tables to flower stands to side tables, shelves and more, it’s easy to find furniture for many different applications around your home.
  • Access to friendly customer service from the moment you walk into our shop. We love meeting our neighbours and inviting you into our space to explore these exciting options. Our staff can assist you throughout the process to ensure you leave completely satisfied. Of course, shopping online is just as easy as visiting us, too.


Getting the Most Value Out of Your Visit to Furniture Stores in Palmerston North

Let’s face it: sometimes, shopping for furniture doesn’t seem all that fun. When you can view unique pieces that “click” with your sense of style, though, that can change. Even so, you might like to consider a few tips for making the most of your visit. You can:

  • Take measurements in your home before you visit. Knowing the amount of space you have to work with will make choosing pieces that much easier.
  • Bring ideas about what furniture inspires you. Did you see something online that you’d love to replicate in your own home? Come in and ask questions relating to what you like.
  • Don’t be afraid to take your time when deciding. Purchasing a new piece of furniture for your Palmerston North home can be a big decision. Make sure you know what you’d like — there’s no rush.


At OpenInspiration, we’re also happy to discuss ideas with you in person in our stores. Not sure about whether a new table would look best, or how to arrange a collection for maximum effect in a new display case? Come and see us for a friendly discussion. With cost-effective options for furnishing your home with unique items, we’re one local shop for furniture you shouldn’t miss. View our collections now, or say hello.

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