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Buy Unique Wine Decanters and a Glass Set Online to Improve Your Ability to Entertain

about openinspiration

Add a touch of elegance to evenings with a glass decanter set.

Wine or spirits can be the perfect accompaniment to a meal, whether you’re enjoying it indoors with your significant other or dining alfresco with a group of your friends. With a glass decanter, you can bring some flair to the act of serving your friends a drink. Of course, that’s not to mention the actual purpose of a decanter beyond aesthetics; for those who love collecting wine, decanting is an essential part of tasting older bottles. So where can you look when you’d like one of these useful items?

Why You’ll Benefit from Buying a Glass Decanter Set from OpenInspiration

At OpenInspiration, we’re proud to offer our customers something different yet still imbued with the traditional elegance that decanters represent. Shopping for a wine decanter online with us affords several benefits, including providing you with access to:

  • High-quality goods made from excellent materials and built to last. We offer several enduring choices, including both crystal and glass decanter set options. Each piece, from the decanter itself to the glasses, showcases an attractive design.
  • A range of additional products that can help you retool the look of a room. OpenInspiration also offers stunning wood furniture pieces and display cases to make it easier for your home to be a statement of who you are.
  • The opportunity to ask questions if you have concerns. We love getting to know our clients while helping them locate the perfect products, and we encourage you to share your concerns in trying to choose the right item.


Getting the Most Out of Our Unique Wine Decanters

No one wants to take the time to buy a wine decanter online only for it to sit and gather dust in your kitchen. What can you do to ensure that your purchase is a valuable one? Here are a few ideas for what you can do:

  • Understand how best to use a decanter. If your goal is to avoid allowing sediment to end up in your wine glass, you’ll need to know the right technique. Check out some online tutorials so you can put your product into use.
  • Host a dinner party and take care of the wine pairings. What better way to get value from your purchase than to serve with a glass decanter? Pairing the perfect red to the meal and serving it from a crystal vessel is an experience your guests won’t soon forget.
  • Consider giving a decanter set as a gift. Whether you love yours already or you know someone who’s much fonder of entertaining, we also offer wonderful gift sets perfect for any occasion.


A local option for unique furniture and home accessories, OpenInspiration explores the world to seize the opportunity to offer our neighbours new ways to furnish their homes. With our dedication to quality customer service on top of an exciting array of products, we hope to stimulate your imagination with every visit. Explore our glass sets now, or get in touch with your questions.

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