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Find Elegant Wine and Display Cabinets with Lights for Sale in NZ

about openinspiration

Impress your guests with a glass display cabinet.

Glass display cabinets fit a unique niche in room decor. For homes, they are elegant ways to safely show expensive china or collectables in a way that accents a room without overtaking it. Stores can use them to command attention and bring the focus to some highly impressive items that your customers are sure to love.

Benefits of Glass Display Cabinets with Lights

Glass wine cabinets and other display cabinets have a few great features to consider.

  • Conversation Pieces – If you’re a connoisseur, you need a way to showcase your cherished possessions. Whether that’s rare wine vintages, handcrafted pottery, or miniature collectables gathered over decades, you’ll find glass display cabinets for sale that let your collection shine. Your guests will be sure to take notice, which gives them a great way to converse with you organically.
  • Perceived Value – As a store owner, most of your items will be on display in some fashion. To truly make something stand out, however, you will need to bring attention to it. An elegant glass display cabinet in NZ works similarly to the frame around a painting. Let your high ticket items have the prominence they deserve and impress your customers.
  • Personal Collection – Not all collections were made for show. You can keep your most precious valuables safe and secure in a way that you still have access to them and visibly appreciate them. Perhaps it’s a bar counter in your study or a wine cabinet with your most select vintages; in any event, there’s no better way to reserve and highlight those pieces to be appreciated by those you love most.


Tips for Getting More Value Out of the Glass Display Cabinet

Glass display cabinets are not “one-size-fits-all”, but instead are uniquely personalised and stylised for you and your home or business.

  • The best display cabinets will match the overall decor of the space in which you plan to set it. Consider the cabinet as part of a cohesive vision so it complements and aligns with your current space.
  • Select the model of display cabinet that’s right for you by considering what contents will fill it.
  • Ensure that you choose a space for your display cabinet where it is unlikely to be accidentally damaged. While the cabinets are sturdy, glass remains a fragile component which you must always treat with care.


Why You Should Use OpenInspiration

We have a clear vision of providing New Zealand with unique and well-constructed furniture. Find the pieces that speak to your personality; we carry distinct styles that shine within the right aesthetics.

OpenInspiration was founded by a local Palmerston North couple who both have a background in academic science. Their natural curiosity and appreciation for the fundamental beauty of nature guide our search for new and exciting ways to assemble furniture from distinct and robust materials. Contact us to learn more and find the perfect glass display cabinet for you.

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