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For a High-Quality Marble Coffee Table, Come to OpenInspiration

about openinspiration

Find a unique marble coffee table to add to your home in NZ.

OpenInspiration offers unique designs at an affordable price so you can bring high-class marble into your home without breaking the bank. Experience our artistically-created luxury furniture.

Benefits of a Marble Coffee Table

There are many benefits to buying marble. If you are new to the world of marble, here are a few reasons you may want to buy marble coffee tables in NZ.

  • Aesthetics. There is no denying that marble is gorgeous. Whether it’s in floors, tables, countertops, or coffee tables, marble looks beautiful when you style it well with the rest of your furniture and decor.
  • Durability. With proper care and maintenance, your marble furniture may last longer than the rest of the furniture in your house. For some tips regarding caring for your marble properly, keep reading.
  • Timeless style. Marble has never been unfashionable. The elegance and beauty of marble have cemented it as one of the materials that will always be desirable in a home.
  • Variety. You can get your hands on a wide selection of patterns and colours of marble to suit your home perfectly so your furniture will match your needs and tastes. Find the perfect marble for your home on our online shop.


Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Marble Coffee Table

In case this is your first time buying marble, here are few tips to maintain your marble coffee table in NZ properly.

  • Regular cleaning. Clean your marble surfaces thoroughly at least once per week to make sure that stains don’t settle into the marble. If necessary, use a lukewarm cloth with a tiny amount of dishwashing liquid.
  • Dust once or twice per week. Dust off your marble surfaces with a soft, slightly damp cloth to keep the marble from getting scratched by dust build-up. To help protect your marble between cleanings, always use coasters and dust off after every use.
  • Nothing abrasive. Never use abrasive cleaners or dusting sprays on marble surfaces as these substances can create scratches on the surface that you won’t be able to remove. Always be gentle when cleaning your marble coffee table.
  • Polish. Apply a marble polish, which is available at most hardware stores, to keep the marble’s lustre from fading. Use this polish at least every two weeks to keep your marble table glistening.
  • Sealant. Marble surfaces are sold with a sealant over the marble but it is important to reapply this sealant every 12 to 24 months as the sealant will wear down over time.


If you follow these tips and mop up spills immediately, your marble coffee table can last years.

Why You Should Buy from OpenInspiration

OpenInspiration is owned by a couple from Palmerston North. We take pride in quality furniture that is uniquely made and can’t be found anywhere else in New Zealand. We are passionate about our furniture range, and our store is our pride and joy. Since 2016, our goal has been to take OpenInspiration to new heights by providing exactly what our customers want and need.

Contact us today to find out more about our marble top coffee tables for sale online or come into our store and have a look at our furniture so that you can experience the quality for yourself.

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