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Add Some Luxury to your Home with a Large Marble Table Top

about openinspiration

A marble table top is a classic statement piece for your dining room.

Marble is a timeless classic that adds a luxurious touch to any dining room. Round, square or rectangular – marble for dining brings a touch of class and beauty to the room. OpenInspiration has a beautiful selection of marble top tables for your discerning eye.

Benefits of Adding a Marble Table Top from OpenInspiration to Your Décor

Placing a large marble table in your dining room tells your guests you have discerning taste and prefer the best pieces for your home.

  • Most people choose marble due to its random beauty. No two pieces are the same. The variety of colouring and veining make each piece unique.
  • Durability is another factor when choosing a marble table top. A thick piece of marble ensures stability.
  • Marble is a timeless classic providing years of enjoyment as well as an elegant focal point.
  • Marble tables come in a variety of colours to match any décor from a contemporary modern look to traditional antique look.


Tips for Getting More Value out of Marble Top Tables

Marble may be a durable product but it does stain easily, and it can scratch if not protected. Proper care ensures a long-lasting surface.

  • The best way to protect your marble top table is by sealing it on a regular basis, for example once a year.
  • Another way to protect the surface of your large marble table is to use coasters and placemats. A glass of water could leave a ring if not set upon a coaster.
  • Sealing won’t protect it from scratches so use care when placing or moving decorative objects.
  • Don’t place hot or icy cold objects directly on the marble surface as this may produce cracks.
  • Wipe up spills immediately and only use cleaners specifically for marble surfaces.
  • Don’t let candle wax drip onto your marble top table as the wax could discolour the marble.
  • Professional services are available if resurfacing is necessary. Proper care will reduce the need for these services.


Why You Should buy from OpenInspiration

Our store in Palmerston offers our customers unique furniture not normally found in New Zealand. Our inventory of artistic furniture will add a touch of whimsy to your home. We have a variety of marble top dining tables for your selection. From the clean lines of our Jasmine Marble Table Top to our more ornate Aubray Marble Table you are sure to find the table to complement your décor. Our marble table tops are perched upon a stainless steel base that draws the eye to the beauty of the marble top.

A marble table might be that hint of pizzazz to wake up your dining room. OpenInspiration has a variety of unique marble tables to match any décor and price range. Contact us for more information regarding our marble tops to accent your home.

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