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Marble Top Coffee Table for Sale Adds Class to Any Living Room

about openinspiration

A marble top coffee table adds a touch of elegance and timelessness.

Retrofitting your entire home with marble is a costly solution for adding elegance to your home. Adding one piece of furniture can produce the dramatic flair you hope to achieve. OpenInspiration has a variety of unique pieces in various prices. Selecting one of these rare items for your living room adds elegance to your home without breaking the bank.

Benefits of a Marble Top Coffee Table from OpenInspiration

Purchasing a unique coffee table for your living room offers an expensive look and is compatible with most décors. Marble is a timeless look and its smooth surface looks glossy.

  • Marble comes in a variety of colours and veining to match any décor from traditional to contemporary.
  • Properly cared for marble is extremely durable and will last a lifetime.
  • Marble is a classic style that is always current.
  • Its glossy surface reflects light and highlights the colour variations.


Tips for Getting More Value from Your Marble Top Tables For Sale from OpenInspiration

When shopping for any marble furnishing it is important to remember that marble does require proper care to look its best.

  • It is recommended that you seal your table surface at least once a year to provide protection against stains.
  • We recommend that you always use coasters to prevent rings from forming on your marble table. One glass of water can leave a noticeable ring that may require refinishing to remove.
  • Always be sure to take care when placing or moving decorative objects on the surface of any marble table.
  • Icy cold and hot objects could potentially crack your beautiful marble side table so be sure to place a buffer between those objects and the table top.
  • It is important to clean spills immediately to prevent staining.
  • Candle wax will discolour marble so ensure your candles have a drip plate beneath them.
  • If you do end up with a stain or scratch, a professional service can refinish the surface and reseal it back to its original condition.


Why you should buy from OpenInspiration

OpenInspiration has one store located in Palmerston. We offer unique furniture not found elsewhere in New Zealand. All our marble tables come with stainless steel bases to highlight the beauty of the marble setting atop. Choose from our Round White Marble Table with its distinctive scroll work or our Siena Marble Coffee Table with its square construction and modern edge. The Ella Marble Top Coffee Table is larger and include a storage drawer to hide remote controls.

Now that you’ve decided that our selection is the right choice for you, stop by our store to see first-hand our beautiful selection of unique items that will add that touch of elegance you want to achieve and check out our selection of decorative accessories for your new coffee table. Contact us for more information regarding our exquisite and artistic design furniture.

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