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Purchase Your Next White Round Dining Table or Marble Top Coffee Table at OpenInspiration

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A white marble table makes the perfect centrepiece.

If you are looking for an elegant addition to your living room, why not consider a white marble coffee table? Our selection of furniture is fashionable yet affordable.

Benefits of White Marble Top Coffee Table by OpenInspiration

Some great benefits of owning a white marble table include:

  • Extra space: Using a white marble coffee table for an additional place to put down a cup or a plate is a great utilisation of the furniture. This is especially true if you have a big family or guests over and you need an added place to put something down quickly.
  • Stylish accessory: If you are looking for a piece of furniture that will draw a lot of attention during your next party or event, a white marble coffee table is a wonderful option. The overall design of the piece brings a detail of chic design to the entire room.
  • A white marble top coffee table is durable: One of the best features about a piece of marble furniture is that they are built tough, especially the tables we provide. Along with being durable, marble tables blend in well with almost any home design. Our tables come in different shapes and colours which means you never have to worry about finding the right piece for your house.


Tips for Getting More Value Out of a White Marble Coffee Table

Here are some useful pointers for getting more value out of your white marble top coffee table:

  • Clean up spills right away: If something spills on your white marble table, it is important to clean it up right away. Letting liquids or other food sit for an extended period could have adverse effects on the surface of your table.
  • Use it for books and plants: Using a white marble coffee table is wonderful to display plants or different books that you enjoy. Having these items on display are ideal conversation starters with your guests.
  • Avoid covering it with a table cloth: A white round dining table is a beautiful centrepiece on its own. The top of the table is a stunning colour that can match any dining set. Instead of covering it with a table cloth, try to match it with lovely napkins or other decorations around the table.


Why You Should Use OpenInspiration

As an authority in the furniture industry, OpenInspiration offers quality options for a white round dining table. We have an incredible selection for not only a white marble table but other pieces of furniture that help make your home look stylish.

Our friendly customer service staff is here to help walk you through our wide selection to find the best piece of furniture for your needs. We are happy to walk you through not only your options but the different deals that are available. For more details about our store, please call us on 06 213 7975 or go to our contact page to send a message with your questions about our furniture.

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